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Seawater Distillation Infrastructure.




Solar Electrical Equipment

MeasureLid Yangtze highest power 500w solar panel.

This solar panel will charge a battery that is used for the pumps as well as the Pump Station Raspbian Pi Computer and all of it's peripheral (external) technology.

Model Number YS500M-96 Type Standard Solar Panel
Size 1956 x 1310 x 45mm Certificate TUV / IEC61215 / IEC61730 / CE / PID / ISO
Frame Anodized Aluminium Alloy Junction Box IP65 Waterproof
Solar cell Mono 156mm*156mm Front cover 3.2mm High Transmission Low Iron Tempered Glass
Connector MC4 Compatible Connector Application Solar System
Frame color Silvery or Black Backing Color White or Black or Transparent
MeasureLid 303 outdoor pan/tilt head waterproof Pan/Tilt motor with Pecol-D BS-PT303.

Pan-Tilt module allows for control over a solar panel. The Pan-Tilt module, controlled by the closest Raspberry Pi, will adjust the solar panel to it's most efficient tilt and angle over the day; every day.

Model Number BS-PT303 Pan tilt heads Outdoor Pan / Tilt omnidirectional Scanner
Outdoor pan tilt head types 301 pan tilt and 303 pan tilt Outdoor pan tilt head Feature Electric, machine character
Input voltage AC 24V / 60Hz, 110V / 60Hz, 220V / 50Hz Output power AC 960mA, 300mA, 35mA
Matching cable 6*0.5mm 2 cable Material AL alloy mold
Weight 6kg Packing Weight 2.5kg
MeasureLid Bosch S4 Car Battery 063 4 Year Guarantee.

This battery collects energy from the solar panel(s) and stores / distributes it to the electronic / electrical components.

Amp Hours 45Ah Cold Cranking Amp 420
Length 212mm Width 175mm
Height 212mm

Specifications of UPS Inverter and Powerboard

MeasureLid Transformer - 5000W 12v 220v Off Grid UPS Power Inverter with Battery Charge.

This UPS Power Inverter converts the power of a car battery into 240 volts for the Raspbian Pi Computer and it's peripherals including the pumps. As this device is also a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power supply is guaranteed not to surge the equipment it is hooked up to and will continue to work when the car battery fails.

Model Number BEU5000L Output Power 5000W
Output Type Single Size 600 * 180 * 163mm
Weight 7.92kg Input Voltage 12V / 24V / 48V
Output Voltage 110V / 220V / 230V / 240V Type DC/AC Inverters
Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz Output Current 22.7A
Peak Load Power 10000W Max Power Efficiency <90%
Output Waveform Modified sine wave Display LED Display
Application Computer / Home / Solar / Car Warranty 12 Months
Output Socket Universal socket Short circuit protection Yes
Overload protection Yes Over-Temperature protection Yes
MeasureLid Power Board UK plug socket.

This Power Board UK plug socket simply provides 6 power sockets and 4 USB sockets.

Model Number TP-FA4U6K Type Extension Socket
Grounding Non-Grounding Rated Voltage 220 - 250V
Rated Current 10A Application Residential / General-Purpose
Certificate CE, ROHS Size 25 * 13 * 3CM
USB output 4 Warranty 1 Year
Metal Material ABS+PC Cable length 2M

Specifications of Computer Equipment

MeasureLid Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

This is a Debian LINUX based computer with many Input / Output ports for controlling digital sensors and digital switches. In practice, at dusk, many valves will be opened and many pumps activated by many networked Raspberry Pi computers - refilling Distilling Pods for the next day.

Broadcom BCM2837B0, Cortex-A53 (ARMv8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.4GHz 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM
2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2, BLE Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0 (maximum throughput 300 Mbps)
Extended 40-pin GPIO header Full-size HDMI
4 USB 2.0 ports Micro SD port for loading your operating system and storing data
CSI camera port for connecting a Raspberry Pi camera DSI display port for connecting a Raspberry Pi touchscreen display
4-pole stereo output and composite video port 5V / 2.5A DC power input
MeasureLid MacBook Pro 2019.

This machine is fast enough to send instructions to every Rasberry Pi at the same time.

Monitor size 15.4-inch Monitor Resolution 2880x1800
Processor Specs 2.4GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 SSD Specs 4TB SSD
Memory Specs 16GB of 2400MHz DDR4 onboard memory GPU Specs Radeon Pro Vega 20 with 4GB of HBM2 memory
Ports Four Thunderbolt 3 (USB‑C) ports Keyboard Specs Full-size backlit keyboard
WiFi Networking 802.11ac Wi‑Fi wireless networking Bluetooth Networking Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology
Camera Specs 720p FaceTime HD camera Display Options Up to four displays with 4096x2304 resolution at 60Hz at over a billion colours

Specifications of the networking equipment.

MeasureLid TP-LINK MC220L Media Converter (Gigabit Ethernet to 1000BASE-SX/LX/LH Fibre, via SFP Module).

This device connects the Ethernet Raspberry Pi to the optical fibre network.

Works at 1000Mbps in Full-Duplex mode for both TX port and FX port Complies with IEEE 802.3ab and IEEE 802.3z
Supports auto MID/MID-X for TX port 212g
Provides switch configuration of Force /Auto transfer mode for FX port ≤FX port support hot-swappable
Type Extends Fibre distance up to 0.55km for multi-mode Fibre and 10km for single-mode Fibre
Easy-to-view LED indicators provide status to monitor network activity easily External power supply
MeasureLid FTTH fttx foc 96core fiber optic splice joint closure optical fiber distribution box.

This device is a splicer and junction box for optical fibres.

Model FMDB-96-36 Product name Ftth box
Size 410 * 240 * 130 mm Certification CE
Material PC ABS Application FTTH FTTB FTTX Network
IP rate IP68
MeasureLid Fiber optic distribution panel junction box terminal equipment.

This device terminates the optical fibre network and are used at optical fibre end-points.

Model Number ODF patch panel 24 port Product name ODF patch panel 96 48 32 24 12 6 port
Adapter Type MTP/MPO Operating Temperature -20℃ -- +60℃
Material Cold Rolled Steel Standard IEC-61754
Application Data Center,Telecom network, Cloud computing
MeasureLid FTTH FTTX Project G657A 1/2/4/8/12 core Single mode Fiber Optical.

These optical fibres transfer the data far distances.

Operating Temperature -40 to +70 Certification ISO9001 / Anatel / SGS / ROHS
STRENGTH MEMB FRP/STEEL WIRE Packing length 1 - 3km / roll, customized
Warranty 30 Years

Specifications of the Raspberry Pi's peripherals

MeasureLid Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (HC-SR04).

These Ultrasonic Distance Sensors detect water levels in the Distillation Pods.

Input Voltage 5V Current Draw 20mA (Max)
Digital Output 5V Digital Output 0V (Low)
Working Temperature -15°C to 70°C Sensing Angle 30° Cone
Angle of Effect 15° Cone Ultrasonic Frequency 40kHz
Dimensions 43mm x 23mm
MeasureLid 8-Channel 12V Relay Module for Raspberry pi.

This relay allows the Raspberry Pi to turn 8 different 240 volt devices on / off - such as 8 main pumps.

Relays 8 x 12V Relays Board Size 14cm x 5.5cm
Relay Rated 10A / 250VAC / 30VDC Relay Draw Current 30mA @ 12V
Power Supply 8V to 12V Input Signals Fully Opto-Isolated
Input Signal Voltage 1V to 12V Individual Indicator LEDS for Each Relay
Indicator Power On LED GND Isolated Input
Mounting Holes 4 x M3 Manufacturer Keyes 8R1A
MeasureLid 1/2in Solenoid Valve Water Valve AC 220V Electric Valve Normally Closed Brass Electric Solenoid Magnetic Valve For Water Control.

Even though the float valve regulates the water in the Distilling Pod - the solenoid valve is a computer controlled on / off valve to control the seawater to the Distilling Pod.

Valve Body Brass Thread Size 1/2"
Weight 212g Size Approx. 6 * 6.4cm / 2.4 * 2.5inch
Operating Altitude ≤2500m / 8202ft Operating Temperature 0 - 40°
Operating Humidity <95% (at 25°) Type Guide (One-way) Solenoid Valve
Rated Voltage AC 220V Operating Mode Short-time Quota System
Insulation Grade E Fluid Water
Fluid Temperature 0° - 55° Water Pressure 0.02 - 0.8MPa
Water Pressure (Mpa) 0.02, 0.1, 0.3, 0.8 Lifespan >100,000 Times
MeasureLid HT-200 G3/4-G1/2 220V Flow Control SwitchThread Water Pump Flow Sensor Electronic Pressure Flow Sensor Switch Hot Sale.

The computer controlled Water Pump Flow Sensor for the Distilling Pod pumps the water into each Distilling Pod.

Model HT-200 Rated Voltage 220V
Overload Current 1.5A Connection Thread G3/4 - G1/2
Suitable Liquid Water Liquid Pressure <0.6Mpa
Liquid Temperature <70℃ Weight 186g / 6.6oz (approx.)

Specifications of the Pumping Station

6-inch-Electric-Motor-Horizontal-Centrifugal-Water Long distance 40hp agricultural water pump.

Multiple installations of these pumps will be at pumping stations and will pump seawater long distances.

Model Number IS Structure Single-stage Pump
Usage Water Application Irrigation, Seawater pumping
Power Electric Pressure High Pressure
Material Cast Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel Lubrication Grease and Oil
Shaft seal Gland packing or mechanical seal Theory Centrifugal Pump

Specifications of the Distillation Pod's main piping

MeasureLid HDPE plastic corrugated pipe hdpe duct pipe underground drainage pipes.

These large diameter corrugated ducted interconnecting pipes will be laid just under the ground and will carry transport seawater across vast areas of land with substations every 500 meters. Substations pump the water further down the line.

Model Number 200mm - 800mm Material PE
Specification Dia 20mm - 1200mm Length 6m, 12m or on clients' request
Thickness 2.2mm - 57.5mm Standard GB/T-13663-2000
Diameter 200mm - 800mm Connection Butt fusion joint mize
Fittings Rubber ring Color Black,etc
Impact strength No more than 10% Working life More than 50 years
Usage Waste Water Certificates BV certified, ISO9001, 14001
MeasureLid PVC flexible water pipe 6inch diameter.

Multiple flexible saltwater pipes will travel from saltwater pumping station to saltwater pumping station through the HDPE plastic corrugated piping that protects the flexible piping and thereby secures the land from saltwater leakage.

Model Number Pvc Pipe Material PE
Specification 1" - 12"" Length 20m / 50m / 100m / 200m
Thickness 1.4mm - 3.4mm Standard ISO9001
Material PVC with polyester Usage Watering Irrigation
Diameter 1" - 12" Working pressure 2 - 10bar
Bursting pressure 6 - 30bar Inner tube PVC
Cover PVC Reinforcement High Strength Polyester Industrial Yarn

Specifications of the Distillation Pod Connection Pipe

MeasureLid 1/2 inch PVC hose high pressure antifreeze explosion-proof water pipe watering irrigation snakeskin line cashmere hose.

This piping is used to connect each Distilling Pod to the main seawater piping as well as connecting piping from the Distilling Pod to irrigation systems.

Characteristics Parameter
1. Bending rigidity, good toughness. With high elasticity, pressure and other advantages Name: 1/2inch Hose
2. Explosion-proof: 20-25 kg water pressure (ordinary reinforced water pipe 10-15 kg water pressure) Water wall thickness: 2mm
3. Anti-aging: can withstand cold and heat, with sun, cold and so on. Inside diameter: 12mm
Outer diameter: 16mm

Specifications of the Distillation Pod

Distillation Pod Lid
MeasureLid MeasureLid MeasureLid
Distillation Pod section diagram
Part Material Manufacture Unit Cost
Distillation Pod Lid PETG Plastic Internal £1
Distillation Pod Lid Seal Rubber Purchased £1
Distillation Pod Middle PETG Plastic Internal £2
Distillation Pod Float Valve PETG Plastic Purchased £1
Distillation Pod Base PETG Plastic Internal £2
Distillation Pod Base Seal Rubber Purchased £1

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