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When planning the national water infrastructure pipelines, one option is to dig and concrete large channels around the border of a country that leads to the sea. This channel can be used as a border establishment, mote, commerce channel, fishing channel, swimming channel as well as a nearby source for the distillation of seawater into salt and pure distilled clear water.

Planning of the main piping can be as simple as gridwork or complicated patterns to cover certain regions only. The main pipes, across land, will be buried in a shallow trench from seawater source to seawater source (can be the same sea, separate seas or manmade seawater channel or a combination of seawater sources). The main piping will consist of interconnected large diameter pipes made of durable plastic that shall be buried in a shallow trench with narrower diameter plastic seawater pipes fed though it. The inner lining of these seawater pipes will have a special teflon non stick coating so as there is less salt build-ups in the nooks and crannies of the piping infrastructure. Other pipe anti-fouling equipment will also be used to keep the pipes flowing.

Along the main pipes will be a small pipe containing optical fibre network cable that will transport all data from sensors and control signals to control valves and pumps. Whilst this cable is providing digital access to Seawater pumping satellite stations that is a very small bandwidth - the optical fibre can provide enough broadband for public access to broadband via wifi access points at these pumping stations.

Seawater pumping satellite stations, positioned at kilometer distances along the main piping, are to be cubically housed and submerged predominantly below ground level with an access trap door - and joining the hardened large diameter pipe sections. The cubic panels trap door will feature a solar panel on top for powering the pumps.

Another option to this water infrastructure solution is seawater / distilled water swimming pools near to the seawater pumping stations.

The partially buried pods distill seawater by using the sun's heat to precipitate water upwards - the resulting condensation on the lid runs down the inside of the v-shape lid into a variable-sized fresh water container that is stored underground. The distillation pods use a mechanical moving part to control seawater inflow - the float-valve ensures there is always sea water in the pod to distill.

Options on the freshwater piping and the pod freshwater containers include a special antibacterial lining as seen on Adidas Sportswear - used for the piped transport or storage of the distilled fresh water for human consumption. Options on freshwater usage / storage include direct irrigation, man made wells, artesian wells, bores, dams, reservoirs, streams and rivers. These freshwater containers can be operated by an optional hand pump or electric pump for drinking water or irrigation systems.

Simplified Interactive 3D model of the Irrigation Module

Simplified Interactive 3D model parts of the Distilling Pod

Pod Translucent Lid
  • Traps rising precipitating moisture
  • Condensation drips into Freshwater Container through tubular hole
  • Translucent Lid unscrews for easy access

Pod Seawater Container
  • Holds seawater in the outer circumference
  • The inflow of the seawater connection is controlled by a mechanical Seawater Float Valve
  • The container has a lower output connection, for cleaning built up sea salt, that is controlled electronically by a valve

Pod Freshwater Container
  • Has one output of fresh water to an irrigation drip system
  • Other output connections are available such as hand pump

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